2013 Winners


New York, NY (Nov 11, 2013) - In its 4th year, the New York International Spirits Competition (“NYISC”) was held at 3 West Club on October 21th to taste, evaluate and judge over 400 of the world’s best–distilled spirits - a 23% increase from last years submissions. Over 37 countries submitted their brands to be critiqued by a hand-selected panel of A-List and key TRADE ONLY judges – buyers, retail storeowners, restaurant/bar proprietors, distributors and importers – those that have the unique ability to make a direct impact on sales.

The NYISC is truly an international spirits competition and created new categories as the spirits world continues to evolve.  This year the NYISC created a new category for the growing Chinese Market and for the first time had Baiju in its competition.  The number of international whiskey producers continues to grow and the NYISC created  with advise of the trade buyers judges “American Single Malt” and “International Single Malt” categories.

“This year’s significant increase in submissions is a clear sign that the industry truly recognizes and appreciates NYISC’s overall philosophy of judging for real sales impact,” says Adam Levy, Founder of the NYISC. ”While other renowned competitions prize up to 85% of entrants with awards, the discerning panel and ethos of the NYISC is to honor the brands that are most deserving among their peers.  This year, NYISC prized only 48% of its entrants.

The Press/Trade tasting showcasing the winners will be held November 25th 2013 at the 3 West Club from 4-7pm.


International Awards

Monopolowa Austria Distillery of the Year
Singani Bolivia Distillery of the Year
Distillerie Fils du Roy Canada Distillery of the Year
Guajiro Canary Island Distillery of the Year
Louis Royer France Distillery of the Year
Duke Distillery Germany Distillery of the Year
Damoiseau Guadeloupe Distillery of the Year
Druppie Drop Holland Distillery of the Year
Amrut India Distillery of the Year
Hampden Estate Jamaica Distillery of the Year
Distell South Africa Distillery of the Year
Kavalan Taiwan Distillery of the Year
Son Tinh Vietnam Distillery of the Year

Domestic Awards

Ballast Point Distillery California Distillery of the Year
Breckenridge Distillery Colorado Distillery of the Year
Koval Distillery Illinois Distillery of the Year
Alltech Distillery Kentucky Distillery of the Year
New England Distillery Maine Distillery of the Year
Ole Smoky Distillery Tennessee Distillery of the Year
Balcones Texas Distillery of the Year
Ogden Distillery Utah Distillery of the Year
Chuckanut Bay Washington State Distillery of the Year
Smooth Ambler West Virginia Distillery of the Year
Wyoming Whiskey Wyoming Distillery of the Year

Individual Spirit Awards

Bastille France Whiskey of the Year
Chateau de Laubade Armagnac Producer of the Year
Porton Pisco Distillery of the Year
Saint James Reserve Aruba Rum of the Year
Turin Distillery Vermouth Producer of the Year
Tree Spirits Vodka Apple Distilled Vodka of the Year
Deep Eddy Spirits Flavored Vodka Distillery of the Year
Belaya Rus Belarus Vodka of the Year
Dewars Signature Blended Scotch of the Year
Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey of the Year
Jim Beam 12 Yr Signature Craft Bourbon of the Year
Laphroaig Islay Distillery of the Year
Buchanan Blended Scotch Whiskey of the Year
E&J Brandy XO Best Value Brandy of the Year
Confucius Wisdom Baiju of the Year
Long Island Spirits Long Island Distillery of the Year


Double Gold

Chateau de Laubade XO

Louis Royer VSOP Preference

Brovo Amaro #14- Mike Ryan
Drapo Vermouth Rosso

Belaya Rus Vodka
Chuckanut Bay Distillery Potato Vodka

Alltech Pearse Lyons Reserve
Balcones Crooked Bourbon
Bains Cape Mountain Whisky
Silver Lightning Moonshine
Speyburn 10 YR
Three Ships Premium Select 5 year
Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish


Drouet et Fils Cuvee de Ulysses XO
Giraud Cognac VSOP

Drapo Vermouth Blanco
Pavan Liqueur
Druppie Drop

Pisco Porton Mosto Verde Torontel

Rum Fire

Infuse Vodka Lemon
Monopolowa Vodka
Tree Vodka

Big House Bourbon
Buchanan 12 YR
Dewars Signature
Kavalan Podium Single Malt Whiskey
Kavalan Ex Bourbon Oak Single Malt Whiskey
Kavalan Soloist Vinho Barrique Single Cask Strength
Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey
Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 YR Finished with Rare Spanish Brandy
Laphroaig 18 YR


Armagnac De Montal VSOP
Armagnac De Montal XO
Chateau du Tariquet Armagnac VSOP

Confucius Wisdom

E & J Gallo XO
Oude Meester Souverein 18 YR
Singani 63
Tree Spirits Apple Jack

Bache Gabrielsen XO Fine Champagne
Louis Royer VSOP Fine Champagne Force 53
Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal

Ballast Point Spirits
Captive Spirits Big Gin
Dark Corner White Tiger
Distillerie Fils du Roy Gin Thuya
Edinburgh Gin
Sears Cutting Edge Gin
Smooth Ambler Barrel Aged Gin

Amaro Black Note
Berentzen Pear Liqueur
Breckenridge Bitters
Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Krupnikas
Brovo Amaro #10- Suzanne Miller
Fuchen Herbal Liqueur
Dark Corner Green Villain Absinthe
Jack From Brooklyn Sorel
Maison D' Puranique Mangeaux
R. Baumgartner Coffee
Singani 63
Son Tinh Passion Fruit Liquor

Pisco Porton Mosto Verde Italia
Pisco Porton Mosto Verde Acholoado

Bacardi 1873 Solera
Guarijo Blanco
Old Ipswich Tavern Style Rum
Saint James Reserve
Stolen Gold Rum
Damoiseau V.S.O.P Rhum Vieux
The Noble Experiment Owney’s NYC Rum

El Tesoro Anejo
Milagro Silver
Milagro Select Reposado
Sauza Blue
Tequila Espinoza Anejo

Loft & Bear Artisanal Vodka
Deep Eddy Vodka
Glass Gridiron Vodka
Kremlin Awards 1901

Lotus Vodka
SX Negro Cane Vodka

Aberfeldy 21 YR
Alltech Town Branch
Ancnon 12YR
Ballast Point Spirits Devils Share Moonshine
Bastille 1789
Beam Dark Horse
Buchanan 18 YR
Hillrock Estate Double Cask
Kavalan King Car Conductor Single Malt
Kavalan Solist Sherry Single Cask Strength
Kavalan Single Malt Whisky
Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve
Koval Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey
Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 YR
Lake George Distilling Company Indian Kettles Smoke
Masterson 10 YR Rye
Masterson Wheat Whiskey 12 YR
Oban 14 YR
Old Pulteney 12 YR
Ole Smoky Moonshine Original Moonshine
Redemption Rye
Smuggler Notch Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey
The English Whisky Company Peated Single Malt

The Fat Trout Scotch Whisky
The Irishman Single Malt
Tullamore D.E.W 12 Yr
Yahara Bay V Bourbon


Abyss Absinthe

Castariade 1984

Byejoe Red

E & J Gallo VS
E & J Gallo VSOP
Oude Meester Reserve 12 YR
Van Ryns’s Collector Reserve 20 YR
Van Ryn’s Distiller Reserve 12 YR

Drouet et Fils Cognac VSOP

Boomsma Jonge Genever
Captive Spirits Bourbon Barreled Big Gin
Dillon Unfiltered Gin 22
Half Moon Orchard Gin
Martin Miller Gin
Mayfair Gin
New England Ingenium Gin
The Duke Gin
Uncle Val Gin
Valentine Liberator Gin

Barrows Intense Ginger
Brovo Amaro #16 -Stephen Cole
Distillerie Fils du Roy Monarque Rouge
Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur
St. Elder Natural Edlderflower Liqueur
VT Ice Maple Crème Liqueur

Pisco Porton Mosto Verde Quebranta

Ballast Point White Rum
Reed & Lacey California Gold
Saint James Premium Caribbean Rum
Stolen White Rum
SX Calypso

Dos Lunas Blanco
Dos Lunas Anejo
El Tesoro Plata
Milagro Anejo
Milagro Reposado
Sauza Hornitos Black Barrel
Sauza Tres Generaciones Plata
Sauza Tres Generaciones Reposado
Tequila Espinoza Blanco

Anestasia Vodka
Balls Vodka
Boudoir Vodka
Deep Eddy Sweet Tea
Dillon’s Method 95
Falite Vodka
Flagship Vodka
Glass Vodka
I Spirit Vodka
Infuse Vodka Mango
Ivanabitch Dutch Apple
Mayfair Vodka
Ogden Sinful
Reyka Vodka
SX Blanco

Aberfeldy 12 Yr
Amrut Peated Single Malt
Ballas Point Spirits Devil’s Share Bourbon
Breaker Bourbon
Dark Corner Moonshine
Dewars White Label
Dewars 12 Yr
Dewars 18 YR
Dry Fly Washington Bourbon
Hillrock Estate Solera Aged Whiskey
Kavalan Sherry Oak Single Malt Whiskey
Label 5 Extra
Lagavulin 16 YR
Rough Rider Straight Bourbon
Rough Rider Bull Moose
Smooth Ambler Straight Rye
Talisker Storm
Tullamore D.E.W Original
Valenine Woodward
Wyoming Small Batch Bourbon

All spirits are judged by every brand’s TRUE key trade target – buyers, retail stores, restaurant & bar owners, distributors and importers.  Unlike other competitions, these expert TRADE ONLY judges and their opinions have immediate impact and the ability to make a direct influence on sales and a brand’s bottom line.  These panelists of trade volunteers are not involved for publicity or for their industry position as critics or members of the press. They are the decision makers, experts who have an authentic understanding of the business of buying and selling spirits.

Each product category has a sub category for pricing.  Therefore, a spirit will be judged in its category along with other spirits in its same price range.  Each category will have its own pricing levels and details are listed on the submission form. For example, a $35 bourbon will be placed into a judging category with a $40 bourbon and not a $70 bourbon.

Brands will be rated on a set of criteria including appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and finish.   Upon completion of the tastings, panelists will confer and decide which samples are award worthy.

Award levels are Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
Double Gold: Phenomenal Product for Buyers
Gold: Buyers “Love” It
Silver: Buyers “Like” It
Bronze: Buyers will purchase it

The 3rd Annual New York International Beer Competition is scheduled for February 9th 2014.  The 4th Annual New York International Wine Competition will be May  18th,2014 and the 5th Annual New York International Spirits Competition will be October 19th, 2014.

The New York International Beverage Competition will be expanding with its trade only buyers judging by price internationally in 2014 with the Berlin International Spirits Competition in March 2nd 2014 and the Melbourne International Spirits Competition June 29th 2014.

Please also visit us at ProWein in March 2014 where we will be showcasing the top winners from the New York International Spirits Competition and New York International Wine Competition

Our sister company All Spirits Events will continue to present and pour the winners from the competition at private and consumer events in the USA and Internationally.

For more information about the competitions please visit: